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Juan de Fuca Masters bonspiel

 November 12 - 14

"A" Event
First Steve Huska Kerry Park
Second Jim Begg Victoria  
Third Bob Campbell Juan de Fuca  
Fourth Steve Beggs Victoria  
"B" Event
First Bob Pope Juan de Fuca  
Second Gerry Auger Esquimalt  
Third Tom Craig Kerry Park 
Fourth Wayne Scott Victoria 
"C" Event
First Ron Danderfer Esquimalt 
Second Paul Kondal  Kerry Park 
Third John Errington Esquimalt 
Fourth Al Orton Victoria 
"D 1" Event
First Brian Aaberg  Kerry Park
Second Larry Erickson Esquimalt 
Third Randy McLeod Kerry Park 
Fourth Jim Shearer Juan de Fuca 
 "D 2" Event
First   Lynn Wilson Glen Meadows 
 Second   Don Moss Esquimalt 
 Third  Lyle Garraway Victoria 
Fourth   Stu Carmichael Juan de Fuca 
"Consolation" Event 
First   Stu Fraser Victoria 
Second   Jack Campbell Victoria 


Other teams that entered and got to enjoy the comradeship. 

(and the beer!) 


 Team Home Club Team   Home Club 
 Don Allen Victoria George Bombezin   Victoria 
 Glen Canning Juan de Fuca Ian Cole   Juan de Fuca 
 Ray Field Victoria Bob Gallaugher  Kerry Park 
 Richard Grosset Victoria Gordon Irwin   Victoria 
 Wayne Silver Victoria Cliff Thesen  Kerry Park 



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