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Brush Up Your Game League

This exciting league is for two types of curlers...

* Ones who are newer to the game and haven't logged in years of play  OR

** For curlers who have taken some time off, but are wanting to return to this amazing game.

(Players are expected to have some skill and knowledge of the rules and some past experience.)

Since this league will be playing at the same time slot as the Carol Skinner Getting Started League, we will be fortunate enough to have coaches periodically available for questions or direction.

Teams are encouraged to enter with players of their own choosing; however, if individuals are looking for a team, we will do our very best to facilitate and find you one to play with.

We feel so strongly that this is going to be a fabulous season shared with amazing people!

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Contact: Mel Denys - brushup@juandefucacurlingcentre.com
2018-2019 League Fee $260.00 (in addition to JdF, Curl BC and Curl Canada Dues)





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